Official Press Release10/17/2016 for HRMC (Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex)/DTMX

Beardsley Rd West Richland, WA, 99353

www.hornrapidsmx.com or  Facebook/hornrapidsmx.com and DTMX Racing

Attn: All riders, moto families, friends and sponsors

Official opening this weekend Fri, Sat, Sun Oct 21, 22, 23, 2016

As HRMC Celebrates its 11th year as the Horn!

We have exciting news out of the pits and toolboxes of HRMC!

The Horn Continues to grow as we have raised the bar again for improvements and change in the industry.

We are pleased to announce and bring to you the future of HRMC (Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex).

HRMC/DTMX has teamed up to introduce to you a “one of a kind MX Off Road Facility” here at the Horn.

We have added 4 more tracks to your MX Experience and training facility!

This will allow extended ride times and opportunity for all of our off road enthusiasts.

In a separate section of HRMC in the Stadium MX Area we have created these technical tracks.

We now have an all skill level Stadium SX Track, Pro SX Track, Arena Cross and Pee Wee SX style track. The all skill level track includes elevation changes and off camber corners and is for all skill levels to enjoy. Days of operation for practice and events will follow current posted schedule @www.hornrapidsmx.com with addition of the new facility. HRMC/DTMX will be open when events are taking place so basically if you are not running an event you will have tracks to train and practice on.

HRMC/DTMX will share same operation hours that are currently posted.

The specific Pro Level SX Track requirement will be as follows:

Have a Current Pro License, and or be signed off by DTMX for the skill level required to ride the SX Track. SX Track will be strictly monitored and you will have to be pre- approved at the PRO SX facility to use it.

The DTMX Stadium portion of the facility will also include regularly Scheduled MX Schools along with a facility for SX teams and riders to train during fall months.

The rest of 2016 we will continue to improve and finish the DTMX facility. By spring of 2017 all tracks will be complete and will have some night organized practices.

2017 will add events and series for SX and arena cross, both day and under the lights at night.

An Official opening for the all skill level SX track and pee wee SX track riding will be Fri, Sat, Sun Oct 21, 22, 23, 2016. You will still enter through the original HRMC Entrance for all events and practice.

We have created the Disneyland version of an MX Facility.

Check out our special new and easy to use FAST PASS that has been developed for you to be able to pass through all of the tracks in a day for one price of $55.00 per rider. Definitely the best easiest way to go!

You can also choose to run each area separately for the day for $30.00 per rider. You choose.

Spectators are just $6.00 per person and will be able to now enjoy all of the facilities for the day.

Spectators will be able to move between all of the facilities on one band.

And as usual yearly passes will be available which include all of the facilities with unlimited usage during business operation hours.

Current pass holders will be grandfathered until current pass expires.

Camping is available with RV Hookups in both HRMC and DTMX Areas for $30.00 per evening per camper.

Campers will now be able move to different sections for camping from above or down below as long as you have the passes and bands for those area for that specific day.

DTMX Area Has 50 plus RV Hookups (Water and Power)

HRMC Area Has over 100 sites (Power and Water hookups)

You can easily access all the areas from camping in 1 of the 2 areas.

Hot Showers and Heated Bathrooms also accommodate you in the HRMC Portion of the facility these accommodations are located directly in the center of the HRMC facility

Look at all the fantastic new things HRMC has for you to enjoy!

GP Track (Area 51), All Skill Level Main National outdoor Track and Pee Wee Track, Desert Trails.

DTMX Stadium Area:

Arena Cross, Supercross, All Skill Level Stadium Design MX Track, Pee Wee Sx/Arena Cross track, along with stadium lighting, Training facility, MX Schools.

Hours of operation for rest of 2016 will be what is currently posted on HRMC web for 2016 practice season.

You can also get the latest hot news and updates from our weekly report and Schedule from the track hotline (509) 496-2958.

Along with all the already completed additions, watch for a spectacular new UTV/QUAD/Stadium Truck Track. We hope to break ground for that this late fall into spring.

Along with that is a brand new website with exciting features soon to come.

Please be patient over the next few weeks as we get our media content and web all loaded organized and functional. Pay close attention and like us at Facebook for immediate updates, changes and progress.

Horn Rapids and DTMX would like to thank you for all the years of continued support and we look forward in building one of the best facilities in the industry for our riders and families.

“Building Champions one rider at a time”

“Let the MX Games Begin”

Thank You

Sincerely, HRMC, INC./DTMX Racing, LLC